how does your garden grow?

Hey, guys! I’d love to say that life is so super busy that I never have time to post all of my amazing things that I do, but sadly, that is not true. In fact, after 7pm, life gets downright boring. I watch TV, pay bills, do a load or two of laundry, and call it a night. And you know what? I kinda love it. It’s nice to veg out after a day of work or play. So, I haven’t been MAKING anything lately, and it was nice to have a break. BUT! It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything at all. Though today you wouldn’t know it (cold and rainy in NH today), the past couple weeks have been downright beautiful. It’s been great weather for digging outside.

What have I planted this year? Garden phlox, astilbe, and hosta, so far! I’ve also got some hanging petunias and a few things that were already planted when we moved in.

I took some pictures the other day when it was sunny and warm. Join me on a tour of my tiny yard! You can click on any of the photos to enlarge it and view as a photo gallery.

Up there you’ll see geraniums, the bud of a hydrangea, azaleas with killer color, a little carpet rose that hasn’t bloomed yet but is looking nice and green, and a giant, twiggy plant that blooms in the prettiest shade of light pink. When the phlox blooms it’ll be a purply color, and the astilbe (that tiny little thing that looks like a weed next to the stairs)? Who knows! I bought it at a garden club plant sale, so I’m excited to see if it thrives and spreads. Oh, and that’s my little garden helper relaxing by the pool. It sure looks like lots of pink, but the hydrangeas are white, the roses are red, and…well I could really use some yellow, I think. Buying plants is addictive!

My next endeavor, if I can manage to make time for it, is to plant some herbs in containers. My parents got me this great little greenhouse but it’s been hard to find a sunny spot for it. My goal is to fill it with edible plants this week.

My little garden(s) is/are a work in progress, but it’s so fun to do and satisfying to admire. Hopefully you’ve been able to get outside, too.


“there were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch”

…”Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall.”

It’s hard to pick my pears and not think of Robert Frost, even if he was writing about apples.

As I pulled into the driveway this afternoon after work, the pear tree was glistening in the last bits of sun that find their way into the backyard. A sight like that is hard to ignore, so I grabbed my basket and got to work.

Pear gathering. You come, too.

Pear gathering. You come, too.

Tomorrow I'll get my ladder.

Tomorrow I’ll get my ladder.


Gorgeous. Delicious.

I guess I can’t quite say why this pear tree makes me feel so much, but it does. I think it’s something about a plant, taking only sunlight and water and whatever nutrients it can from the soil, and creating something that’s simultaneously life-giving (food for the birds, the chipmunks, and me) and self-preserving (gotta spread those seeds somehow). It’s a seasonal miracle, and it happens 100% without my intervention.

In other news, I can’t wait to turn all these little pears into: pear crisp, pear butter, pear sauce, and pear salads.

Happy Harvest!