something small

We visited friends about a week and a half ago, and told them how much we enjoy their little house and their decorating style. They sighed while admitting they were only able to accomplish one small task a week in beautifying their home.

One per week? I thought one every few months was pretty ambitious.

The idea of doing something every week was inspiring. Naturally, we went home pondering what small thing we could do that very week, but came up dry. I hit upon it this past weekend.


Every time I go to the hardware store I scope out the mailboxes. Ours left much to be desired. It was just a little black rectangle, faded from age, a little rusty in the corners. Buying a new one wasn’t in the budget, but a can of spray paint would only set us back about 4 bucks. Bingo.


There were about 25 different colors ro choose from at Home Depot. I knew I wanted the opposite of what I had: I needed something bright, something that would pop. I thought about orange or green, but Pete liked the idea of yellow. After hemming and hawing in the paint aisle for about 20 minutes, I settled on a color that mirrors the color of our porch. I kind of like the idea of tying the outside in with the inside.



Even though the paint I bought included primer, it still took many coats to cover the black. Because I am notoriously bad at spray painting, I tried to really take my time and ensure I was coating it evenly without making drips.


I’d call it a success! If you try a similar project, just note that the USPS prefers flags be red or orange (if you have a mailbox flag at all…as you can see, I do not).

Thanks to Julia and Ryan for inspiring us to do small things that make a big impact!


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