the nesting instinct

You hear about it often. The nesting instinct is supposedly the sudden urge a pregnant woman gets to spruce up her house and get it ready for the arrival of a new little one.

For me, it’s the urge to make my house look less crappy before visitors come charging up my driveway to meet the new baby. Sure, I scrubbed the shower the other day while I was bathing. Yeah, I recently bought Swiffer wet pads for the first time. Yes,  dozens of dust bunny families have been vacuumed up from my bedroom floor within the past week, and aye, we rearranged the porch in a burst of 11pm energy on the holiday weekend. But I assure you, this is not to prepare for baby’s arrival. This is to prepare for everyone else’s arrival. You know, just in case.

But that second bedroom upstairs…that IS for the baby. You and I both know that a baby doesn’t care what color the walls are, or how much work you put into arranging the books just so, or whether or not the colors in the curtains match the colors in the bedding. They don’t care about your new chair or your new lighting or your new everything else that’s new. With that said, I have to admit that I do care, at least a little, about all those things.  So…on to the conclusion to our nursery saga!

What began in December as a quick project has finally come to an end as of sometime last week. The demolition, the building, the painting, the repainting, the trim, the furniture, the last-minute book hanger project thing…it’s all DONE. Phew. It only took like 5 or 6 months, right? From this:

IMG_0966To this:

aaaaaaaand done!

aaaaaaaand done!

With LOTS AND LOTS of help along the way!

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