results: recipe #1


Stuffed baked leeks, from Gourmet’s Menu Cookbook

Well, nearly a week after my previous post, Pete and I actually made the stuffed leeks! A quick review:

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Total Time: 45-50 minutes

Satisfaction Level: 3/5

The scoop: this was a fairly straightforward recipe. I made the rice filling in a Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker  (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets) by throwing brown rice, two beef bouillon cubes, some olive oil, and a chopped onion into the cooker and zapping it for a half hour. I guess I’m a study in  contradiction, because I don’t mind using the microwave to cook rice in a plastic container, but I’ve been trying to stop using shampoo because of all the chemicals. You pick your battles, I guess.

I love this rice cooker.

I love this rice cooker.

Per the recipe’s instructions, we boiled the leeks for one minute before popping the middles out and stuffing them with the rice and onions. For the record, the rice filling was delicious! After sautéing the leeks to brown them a bit, I gently arranged them in a baking dish and covered them with some tomato sauce.

Leeks are much more difficult to stuff than peppers or tomatoes. They're so much skinnier!

Leeks are much more difficult to stuff than peppers or tomatoes. They’re so much skinnier!

The end result, after boiling, sautéing, and baking :

Did I mention we made baked chicken and broccoli to go with the leeks?

Did I mention we made baked chicken and broccoli to go with the leeks? Leek in the foreground. It looks like a giant piece of pasta. I can assure you: it didn’t taste like a giant piece of pasta.

 They looked great and smelled amazing! I was so looking forward to that first bite. But then I took that bite, and realized, “Maybe I don’t like leeks?” I think it might have been because they were still quite firm, even after ten minutes in the oven. I think if they’d been cooked longer I would have liked them a lot more. It felt a bit like biting into a raw onion filled with rice. It wasn’t terrible, but it just wasn’t amazing, either. Additionally, I gave these leeks more care and attention than I typically give to side dishes. I suppose if it was the main course  I wouldn’t have been too annoyed, but I can’t imagine a dinky little leek being the main event, even for a vegetarian meal. Thus, the 3/5 satisfaction rating above. Good, not great.

What will my next recipe be? I don’t know, but today is a great day to try another new one out. We have our third snow day of the year (I think it’s the third…), so it leaves me with plenty of time to find a new recipe for which we have all the necessary ingredients!

It’s too bad about the snow, though, because we have lots of rehearsing to do at work for our upcoming Little Gingerbread Man puppet show, which will be debuting this Saturday. I’ll be sure to post some pics of the “sets” I designed–I think they’re pretty cute.

Have you cooked anything new lately? Tell me about it!

Would you like the recipe for these baked leeks? Check out my previous post for details!


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