one day lad, all this will be yours…

What to do about kitchen curtains?

I haven’t been able to find a decent set for a reasonable price anywhere. The styles aren’t right, the prices aren’t right, the colors aren’t right…it’s been obnoxious. But, now that we’ve fixed up the sink area with a new IKEA pendant light, we really need to do something about all this white.

Lots of white, with a hint of hold lady butter-yellow.

Lots of white, with a hint of old lady butter-yellow.

The cabinets are white, the wood trim is white, the mixer is white, the paper towels are white…it’s too stark for my sensibilities. And white only looks clean when it’s, well, clean…so it’s a lot to live up to (pay no attention to the sink, although I promise that those are clean dishes).

Readers, what I need is some color up in here.

Enter: my brilliant idea!

When the going get’s tough, the tough get going. In my world that means: if you can’t find the curtains you want, make them instead! Yesterday on a whim I decided to pop into Pier 1 to see if they had any fun cloth napkins; I wasn’t disappointed.

The yellow is in there, along with a host of other fun colors like orange and green.

The yellow is in there, along with a host of other fun colors like orange and green.

I bought three napkins in the striped pattern above, and three more in a lighter-colored floral motif. I wasn’t sure which I would like better, but since I’m trying to keep the space from feeling too frilly I think the stripes are the way to go. Pete likes the stripes better, too, because they’re more colorful and fun. Right now the plan is to hang them so the stripes are horizontal–this will require some more cutting and sewing than I had originally anticipated, but I think when all is said and done the project will be an “easy” on the difficulty scale.

Not only do I think it’ll be easy and fun, it was fairly inexpensive. Each napkin was $3.95, and I think I may only need to use two for this project. That takes the grand total to just around $8. Considering that a set of kitchen curtains usually retails for over $15, I’m feeling pretty frugal.

Have you gotten crafty in repurposing fabrics? Please share!




6 thoughts on “one day lad, all this will be yours…

  1. Okay, we have startlingly similar taste as you! We were planning our future home out, making wishlists and plans, and we picked out that same lamp (but in the mint green) for our future kitchen! We also plan to keep it mainly white with accents! Love it!

    • Julia, I’ve long suspected we might be kindred spirits! We are really loving the lamp (and all the other fun stuff we bought at IKEA last time we were there). I love the idea of a mint green lamp, and actually, I just read a blog post somewhere about painting stuff from IKEA to fit your decor, which I never would have thought of but is really quite brilliant.

      • Maybe we should take a trip to Ikea sometime? I have never been! (By the way, sorry it took so long to respond. I just noticed!)

      • Julia! What a grand idea! We’re actually making an IKEA run with Lyndsay in a couple of weeks, but there’s always a good excuse to go. Let us know when you’re free, we’d love to coordinate something! Oh, and let me know if there’s something you’ve been pining for…maybe we can pick it up for you (I know some stuff is not available for purchase on their website, or the shipping can be very expensive).

      • We have Fridays and Sundays free and would love to go with you sometime! We have been pining over that beautiful lamp in green! Here’s the link:

        It’s a dream! We can definitely send you some cash before you go down to cover it if you don’t mind picking that lamp up for us. Or we can just plan something together! Let me know what works for you. We don’t see enough of ya!

      • I’ll send you an email with some details so we can work something out. I completely agree: we don’t see you often enough!

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