days for girls sew-a-thon!

We did it!

With six eager helpers plus myself, we were able to sew ten drawstring bags and four liners for the Days for Girls International Sew-A-Thon! It took place last Friday, October 11th on the International Day of the Girl.


I didn’t get very many pictures of us in action. We were pretty busy straight out for about four hours. The instructions were a little confusing at first, so the liners took some doing, but the bags were a cinch.

The idea behind all this is that there are girls around the world (some in our very own country) that do not have access to disposable feminine hygiene products. Their best option is something that can be washed and reused. It gives them freedom to go to school even during their periods, or to be more active in their communities when they otherwise would be confined to their homes. Of course, there is also a positive environmental impact. If you see my previous post about reusable (washable) pads, you’ll see that most disposable pads and diapers are pretty horrible for the environment.

At any rate, they are a lot more adorable than old-timey sanitary belts.

Thank you again to my mom, dad, sister, aunt, coworker, and family friend who came over to help support this incredibly important cause. I’ll be planning another sewing event soon to finish what we started and send these pads off to girls who really need them!


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