new old dining room table

We did it! We took the plunge and bought a new dining room table from an antique store in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I’ll take some pictures and post them as soon as possible! I’m going to need lots of advice on what to do with it…it’s in very good shape as it is, but the finish is a little outdated (it has little gold flowers in the corners?). I’m torn: to paint? or re-stain?

I wanted to share my excitement with you all! Pictures coming this week. 🙂

UPDATE: Pics! and the story!


IMG_1157I guess no good used piece of furniture comes without a story, right? I’ll try to keep it short:

We were visiting our friends in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for a day trip. As we were driving back to their house from the lake, we happened to see an open door at an antique store on the side of the road. I was surprised to see they were open because it was Sunday, so on a whim I suggested we check it out. We’d been looking at new dining tables for a while because our current dining situation was less than stellar (our table was a small drop-leaf number, you can see it in previous posts. It had more than 4 legs, which made for very difficult seating, especially of more than 4 people). We want our house to be inviting and happy–we want to be able to host parties where more than just 4 people can sit at the table!

So, we went in, and saw this table. It’s solid wood and came with three leaves and four chairs, all for under $400! We thought it was a pretty good deal, so we said sure! When the owner came over to assess the value (there was a tag on the leg that said $380), she was horrified: obviously it wasn’t her handwriting, and obviously this set is worth far more than what was written. That’s right: she was trying to up-haggle from the cost that was on the tag. Since we don’t do a lot of haggling to begin with, we were pretty shocked. Needless to say, we stuck to our guns (it’s not our fault that the tag wasn’t in her handwriting!) and she and her husband let it go to a good home. In the end they ended up being sweet. I think she was genuinely shocked that the price on the tag was under $400 (she tried to get us to buy it for $450), and was just trying to get it all straight in her mind. They let us borrow two old blankets to protect the table from all the sand in our car (beach day at the lake, remember?), and now we have this lovely table to show for it.

It was a happy Sunday!

Still not sure if we’ll keep it as is or what, but for now I think it’s just fine. It feels good to have another piece of the puzzle.


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