mustache’s final hurrah

Quickie Sunday craft!

First, the story: just after Christmas, Pete decided he’d buy a new shaving system. He’s got a beard and needs to keep it neat. The old trimmer, which he’d bought some five or six years prior, was just not cutting it anymore. We did what anyone would do in this situation: head to T.J. Maxx and hope they had something on sale. As it turns out, they DID.

The trimmer is awesome, but the pouch is not. It promptly ripped to shreds just weeks after the product was purchased. Normally I would write a strongly-worded letter to the company, but I couldn’t be bothered this time around. The whole shaving system was under fifteen dollars, and if the only thing bad about it was the nylon pouch it came with to carry all the accessories, well, no biggie.

The day finally came that the ripping bag (yep, we still used it) actually became a tremendous nuisance, and that’s what brings me here today. After spending a week with all the trimmer accessories spread around the bathroom counter, shelves, back toilet cover (what is that really called?), and various other surfaces, I had finally had enough. Today, I fashioned my own pouch for that sucker.

Mustache PouchTruth be told, I usually have an abnormally difficult time with draw-string bags. I like projects that I can just zip right through (this was one!), that are done in under an hour or two. I’m always hemming and hawing about how to prevent the holes from fraying where the strings come out on these draw-string things. I decided not to worry about that crap today.

My materials:

Two pieces of material about 8 x 8 ", an old shoelace, a piece of fabric cut in the shape of a mustache, and a springy drawstring stopper thing.

A piece of material about 8 x 16 ” then folded in half, an old shoelace, a piece of fabric cut in the shape of a mustache, and a springy drawstring stopper thing.

First, I attached the mustache. I know the world of social media has been completely saturated by mustaches, and as a result, their level of hilarity has severely decreased, but in this case: it’s relevant! It actually makes sense to have a mustache on a pouch intended for shaving implements, so I don’t feel as though I’m riding the end of a hipster wave.

I used my machine’s zig-zag stitch to affix the mustache, but hand sewing would probably work best, especially with a blanket stitch. I was too lazy for that today.


As you can see, I was also too lazy to change the thread in my machine. If I were to make this for someone else, I would certainly use some awesome contrasting color.

Once that was done, I just sewed the top flaps down for the string area, sewed the sides together and…voila!

I didn't even bother ironing. Such bad sewing technique on this blog!

I didn’t even bother ironing. Such bad sewing technique on this blog!

It all fits.

It all fits.

It fits all the accessories with room to spare. Much better than that old stupid nylon thing, and it only took about 30 minutes. I love to see other people’s thrown-together projects. Got any to share?


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