sewing paper

This morning I thought I’d try doing a paper-only craft, since most of what I’ve done with this blog so far has been all sewing. Today at work I’ll be doing an origami program with 3rd-5th graders, so I thought that might be appropriate. The only problem was that I wasn’t really into doing origami. Truth be told, after doing an afterschool enrichment program with elementary-aged kids, I’m a bit origami-d out at the moment. That’s okay! It’ll come back to me! Today is going to be great and we’re going to make some fun projects. That said, I did not want to spend my own precious Thursday morning folding paper into frogs or boxes.

So, as I always do, I came back to sewing. I’ve been reading through a new book we got at the library called The Best of Sewing Macine Fun for Kids, by Lynda Mulligan and Nancy Smith. One of my coworkers and I will be starting an after-school sewing club and I was looking through the book for some ideas, even though we’ll be primarily presenting hand-sewn projects. The first few pages of the book recommend sewing on paper bags or other paper scraps to get the hang of machine sewing (feeding, using the pedal, etc.). A few pages later, the authors offer simple straight lined, big zig-zagged, and curvy lined patterns to “trace” over with your sewing machine needle. The idea of sewing on paper was a revelation to me!

I figured I’d give it a try today in the easiest way I know how: straight lines on lined paper.

Paper heart banner.

Paper heart banner.

It turns out that sewing on paper is much easier than sewing with fabric. This might be my new favorite thing! I decided to use some scrapbook paper and make a pennant banner, but instead of triangles I used hearts. Good for every day, but especially good for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday (also nice for a wedding or birthday party, perhaps?), hearts are the bomb. I used the same heart pattern that I used for my d.i.y. heart warmers. They might be a little big/fat for this kind of project, but I think they’re pretty cute. Obviously, you can do this project with whatever shape you desire.

I wish I could tell you some secrets to this, but it’s really the easiest thing I’ve done in months. Cut your shapes, place under needle, press pedal, and you’re golden!


Up-close look at the stitching. Super easy, right?

Up-close look at the stitching. Super easy, right? Also, I love metallic paper. There, I said it.

I’m sure there are some awesome sewn-paper crafts out there. Got any ideas for me to try?

As always, thanks for reading!


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