electronics case

Long ago (this past spring, I think), a kid in Pete’s youth band asked me if I could make him a cell phone case like the iPod case I had made for Pete. The summer was pretty busy and even though I would sometimes feel a twinge of guilt over ignoring the request, I went along my merry way.

Yesterday, Pete told me that the kid asked about it and I figured, well, the room is clean now, everything is where it should be, I have no excuse! So today, I made it!

The colors look kind of candy cornish, now that I see it, but whatever.

All in all it took about an hour, but it would have been less time if my needle hadn’t wiggled its way out of its little housing, or if my bobbin hadn’t run out of thread in the middle of the project. Still, it came out all right, I think.

Rifled through scraps to find patterns and colors that weren’t too feminine. Ended up with candy corn colors.

Julia reminded me of the importance of ironing! Not sure I would have been able to do it at all without the iron.

Finished product! Hopefully his phone isn’t swimming in it–I didn’t have measurements, so all I had was my phone and my iPod to measure it against. The iPod is too small for it, but it fits my big old 2008-era phone just fine.

In other news, HELLOOOOOO FALL!


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